Words of Love-Beatles for sale

LYRICS: Hold me close and tell me how you feel Tell me love is real Words of love you whisper soft and true Darling I love you Let me hear you say the words …
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The Mamas&The Papas-Words of love

Lead vocal:Cass Elliot The fair use of a copyrighted work, including such use by reproduction in copies or phonorecords or by any other means specified by th…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. Sherissa Go says:

    My gosh just imagine just sitting on a chair in a room and suddenly the
    beatles come out and start singing this for you

  2. Makes69 says:

    TheBeatles did great Job always when doing cover songs.

  3. carlos salvasdor aguilera rubio says:


  4. ropsidevids says:

    and btw buddy holley isnt the MAJOR, well acctually he is, im just saying
    he isn the only major influence, chuck berry, elvis presley, and other
    people are their influences. thumbs up if your a beatlemaniac (a very very
    beatle fanatic)

  5. ropsidevids says:

    this came from buddy holley, but no offence buddy holley, the harmonies
    here sounds ALOT better than yours, and is very smooth and relaxing,

  6. MrSmithaustin says:

    That’s not clapping, it’s Ringo moving the latches on a suit case. For real.

  7. ThaLed93 says:

    Leave me alone raff

  8. Edouard Gahini says:

    Wow, I didn’t know all that! Such a nice song! Thanks a lot.

  9. mdueri says:

    @Edouard – He is refering to Buddy Holly – who wrote this song and was a
    major influence on the Beatles. He died in a plane crash in 1959. See Paul
    McCartney’s tribute to Buddy Holly on you tube for more info. It’s called
    “The real Buddy Holly Story”.

  10. Edouard Gahini says:

    Buddy who? I think your comment is interesting, but can you please
    elaborate a little more? Thanks.

  11. Fernando Villegas says:

    In fact this song is Buddy Holly, but the beatles improved

  12. Julie Hattory says:

    great version of Buddy Holly song!

  13. Alexander Lozano Tello says:

    the beatles, we are very import for the next generations ,my words are
    short and only talk ” in my life beatles”

  14. misslennon2315 says:

    IMÁDOM!!!10x is meg tudom hallgatni egymás után..Gyönyör?.Számomra (1ik)
    legjobb feldolgozásuk.Buddy Holly-é,az eredeti dal
    gyorsabb,mélyebb,negédesebb.Az övéké
    frissebb,fiatalosabb,lendületesebb,élettelibb..annak ellenére,h lassabb és
    a Fiúk -magukhoz képest-mélyebb hangfekvésben énekelnek és Holly-verzióban
    nincs szólógitár,szerette volna ? a 21 éves George Harrison-t a
    bandájába,ha ezt hallhatta volna!? maga is ezt a verziót tartaná jobbnak.13
    ‘dislike’?Szerencsétlen szám..agyonvágom ?ket! x)

  15. Karina MT says:

    Oh beatles ;D

  16. lojza51 says:

    That clapping in the song is one of few things that makes it a bit better
    than the original.

  17. streetplaya23 says:

    You mean Buddy, right?

  18. AlejandRocK Ramírez says:

    tell me how you feel ?

  19. Moniiita24 says:


  20. Sergeant Pepper says:


  21. Miss Gina says:

    Oh yeah!

  22. Terence Towles Canote says:

    Today in 1974 singer Cass Elliot of The Mamas And The Papas died in her
    sleep from a heart attack after playing a sold out show in London, England.
    Here is their song “Words of Love” #musicmonday

  23. Sofia Castell says:

    Mad Men brought me here too :)

  24. Rob Helliker says:

    a voice that haunts the soul

  25. rob99rst says:

    her voice is amazing. RIP CASS

  26. Dan Robinson says:

    Mad Men brought me here too!

  27. ianislavus says:

    So which is it? Amazing or tragic?

  28. Jacqui Crawford says:

    Her voice is amazing, and it’s tragic that’s she died so young

  29. Adelheid Adelliam says:

    Thank you Cass!!!

  30. Gitsie007 says:

    I loved that episode. Of course, after watching it, I had to come here and
    listen to the song.

  31. lola1987fudgeyouu says:

    The mouse and keyboard brought me here

  32. mediashiznaks says:

    Mad Men didn’t bring me here… Shazam did.

  33. Ron Hunt says:

    *The Mamas&The Papas – Words of love*

  34. Nicci Moon says: